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The Chopard L.U.C Lunar Twin

Earlier this year, Chopard opened the doors of a state of the art service center in Miami, an event we were on hand to witness. During the proceedings, I took the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with the brand's L.U.C line of replica watches and decided that a Week on the Wrist review was in order. After some debate, I settled on the Twin Lunar L.U.C because of its unique dial composition and dominant moonphase aperture, a complication that seems to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent months. So how does this one stack up? Let's take a closer look to find out.


1996 marked a return to manufacture movements for Chopard with the opening of a dedicated facility in the town of Fleurier to create proprietary L.U.C movements. The brand's initial offering, caliber 1.96, set a strong tone for the company's efforts moving forward and can still be found in the portfolio of current offerings. Timezone's Walt Odets breaks down that caliber in appropriate detail right here. This new direction comes at the behest of Karl-Friedrich and Caroline Scheufele, a direct lineage of Karl Scheufele III, who purchased Chopard from the founder's (and L.U.C namesake, Louis Ulysse Chopard) grandson, Paul-André Chopard in 1963.

The L.U.C collection has since matured to include a variety of complications and grand complications, all produced under the same roof at Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier (we'll have more for you on the manufacture itself soon enough). Chopard's involvement in the Mille Miglia and GP of Monaco Historique have meant high exposure for the brand's racing inspired lines, however, L.U.C replica watches have developed a strong presence on the high horology stage in recent year, each effort further refining the brand's new design practices, creating some truly memorable pieces.


Introduced at the 2012 Basel fair, the Lunar Twin embodies Chopard's efforts to bring aesthetic consistency to the L.U.C collection. The result is a fake watch that confidently asserts an unorthodox asymmetrical layout, with a prominent moonphase aperture residing at 1 o'clock on the dial. This commands attention thanks to its size and detailed depiction of the stars. Such an artful approach to the moonphase complication seems to be on-trend, as we've seen a few from the likes of Arnold & Son and, most recently, A. Lange & Sohne. Each has its own personality and the Lunar Twin is no different. This is a fake watch that strikes a nice balance between a clean presentation and functional complications.

Despite the asymmetrical dial layout, I'd say balance is a key strength overall. Everything from the watch's dimensions to the sculpted hour indices feels comfortable as is. The placement of the two sub dials, the date aperture, and branding might appear random at first glance, but they work together harmoniously in a manner often lost on more traditional layouts. Each element is framed by the robust applied roman numeral hour markers. Instead of sitting flat, each marker is curved toward the viewer. The curve is analogous to the rounded bezel, lending consistency to the whole (a detail that may have felt overpowering otherwise), and creates highly varied visual effects depending on the light sources around you. At times this means compromised legibility, a problem further compounded by the lack of lume. What you gain is a diverse range of views that make a "quick glance?at the fake watch a never-enough affair.

The dial of the Lunar Twin is satin-brushed silver with a subtle sunray texture that provides a fitting canvas for the indices and sub dials. This is worth noting, as an engraved or otherwise textured dial would easily interfere with the visual continuity established with this watch, and the restraint is much appreciated here. This level of detail continues within the phases of the moon display. Set inside that display is a rotating disc with the moon aperture and accompanying composition of stars placed in a deep blue sky. The display's indication within the rotating dial means that the moon's phases in each hemisphere are accounted for. It also provides a welcome change from the usual curved moonphase aperture that other replica watches employ


The Lunar Twin hits a sweet spot with its physical dimensions at 40mm wide and just under 10mm thick. The angled and truncated lugs help keep the fake watch more than manageable on the wrist; it feels as though a considerable effort was put into this being an eminently wearable case. No hyperbole here, the Lunar Twin is the most comfortable fake watch I wore in the whole of 2013.

Of course, what would a perfect case be without a solid strap to keep it on your wrist. This L.U.C keeps things simple with a black alligator strap and classic pin buckle to keep things free of unnecessary fuss. This again exemplifies the level of restraint and editing put into the Lunar Twin.

Legibility is not stellar, so to speak. Neither the hands or the hour indices are flat surfaces, which means they reflect light differently from side to side and can create some tricky viewing angles. What you do get is a beautiful falloff of light against the rounded hour markers that is contrasted by the hard angles of the hands. As mentioned, this is a fake watch that can change moods depending the lighting. This diversity will undoubtedly make legibility problems an acceptable compromise for some.

The Lunar Twin in white gold stradles the line separating formal and semi-formal sport watch. In this configuration, the fake watch can be worn with a generous portion of your wardrobe should you desire. Brushed case walls and the circular moonphase subdial that eschews tradition lend to the sportiness of the watch. However, strapping the fake watch on will likely inspire you to raise our attire selection a little to avoid letting the fake watch down.

ADVERTISEMENT The Familial L.U.C 96.21-L

Inside the Lunar Twin resides the L.U.C 96.21-L which you can enjoy through the exhibition back. Bridges replete with Côtes de Genève and a circular-grained mainplate share the stage with an inset micro-rotor that provides power to two stacked mainspring barrels (hence the Twin label) providing 65 hours of power reserve. The movement's 223 parts are organized inside 5.10 mm of thickness.

The 96.21-L is chronometer certified and provides accuracy to the moonphase complication that will keep it within spec for 122 years without needing any adjustment. In practical terms, this yields a romantic complication that you won't have to fret over setting and maintaining. Further simplifying things is a quick date set pusher that sits flush in the case wall at 9 o'clock.

Setting aside the technical prowess of the watch, you're left with a remarkably beautiful and elegantly finished movement. If you're familiar with L.U.C calibers you won't find any surprises here, which isn't a bad thing at all. The gear train, balance wheel, and rotor are all gold, left to contrast with the silver bridges and mainplate. This scheme as well as the movement layout are reminiscent of the brand's original offering, the caliber 1.96, on which the 96.21-L is based.


Pricing for the Lunar Twin, which is offered in both white and rose gold is set at $26,550. This clocks in at more than $10,000 less than the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase we showed you not long ago, and closer to the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon, which we showed you here. What other options are available for lunar complication fans with around $30,000 to spend? Let's have a look at two major contenders.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Moon Phase Calendar

This classically styled option from Audemars Piguet offers even slimmer dimensions and additional complications into its 39 mm frame. With large day and date subdials at 3 and 9 o'clock, there is little room retained for a moonphase aperture at 6 o'clock. The moonphase display lacks the swagger of the more contemporary unit seen in the L.U.C, but will attract those who appreciate an old-school approach. Inside the Jules Audemars Moon Phase is the calibre 2324 / 2825 which is also an in-house job and offers, at a minimum, equal value in the prestige department to the L.U.C. While the AP may be considered further up the food chain from Chopard, between these two options you'll get more versatility from the ambitious L.U.C Lunar Twin compared to the dapper Jules Audemars. MSRP for the AP starts at $31,000.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon

We've talked a fair bit about this fake watch and have even taken a close look at the sculpted moon display. The HM Perpetual Moon offers a classical approach with its case and dial details, that is, aside from the more than 11mm moon itself. Proportions do go a bit large at 42mm but the real draw here is the moon cast from a hand-engraved die to bring out a truly impressive level of surface detail. There's no skimping on the movement either, it's a handwind caliber A&S1512 (from La Joux-Perret) which also packs double mainspring barrels for 80 hours of reserve. The Arnold & Son is priced under $30,000 as well and offers a hot name in the industry at the moment.


The L.U.C Lunar Twin is a measuring stick for just how far Chopard has come, and a window to what we can expect in the future. A contemporary design language that differentiates L.U.C from competitors is the emerging theme with this fake watch and others in the same vein (beginning with the Lunar One). How that evolves from here will be a catalyst for a wider audience and deeper diversity within the collection.

The level of attention I see in the Lunar Twin has been directed at creating a strong foundation. The fit and finish, proportions, case and dial design are each a success and allow for a dial composition that steps outside of the box. The fake watch is successful in the areas it needs to be and breaks the rules where it can as a result. The Lunar Twin doesn't need to be a game-changer, and it isn't; what it needs to be is a perception changer; and it is.

Learn more about the L.U.C Lunar Twin right here.

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